Entertainment 2014 Indian Latest Movie

Entertainment Indian Latest Movie

Sajid-Farhad’s (Sajid Samji & Farhad Samji) joint directorial venture, Entertainment is a comedy of deliberately clumsy action and ludicrously embarrassing events.

Remove the ridiculous antics though, and we are left with a dog, and a well-meaning son whose job is to entertain.

Sadly, the dog is probably the only cast member to live up to expectations…
The plot

The movie, which was shot in Mumbai, Goa and Bangkok, begins with Akhil Lokande (Akshay Kumar) performing in a ridiculous advertisement and doing other odd jobs to bear the medical expenses of his ailing father (Darshan Jariwala).

Akhil later meets his prospective love interest, Sakshi (Tamannah Bhatia) and is told that he can only marry her if he becomes sufficiently rich.

A love duet (duh) and few forgettable scenes later, Akhil, along with his film-obsessed friend Jugnoo (Krushna Abishek), discovers that not only is his father faking an ailment, he is not even his biological father.

After a typical comical beating, fake-daddy reveals the name Akhil’s real father – Pannalal Johri (Dillip Tahil), who turns out to be a recently deceased diamond merchant in Bangkok – go figure.

Akhil flies off to Bangkok to claim his rightful wealth – only to find out via his father’s lawyer Habibullah (Johnny Lever) that Pannalal has willed all his riches to a dog named ‘Entertainment’.

Failed direction
This directorial debut of the Sajid-Farhad duo is full of absurdities and an absolute lack of logic – but not in a good way.

The directors try too hard to make viewers laugh. They throw in every possible comedy trope they can think of, but no one is laughing. The visuals are passable, the stunts are pretty shoddy, the screenplay is all over the place; absolutely directionless.

So how did the actors do?

Akshay Kumar, known to be one of the best comedy actors, pulled off plenty of great one liners (“Villian hai tu?”) and people still love him, regardless of how bad the flic is.

Entertainment Indian Latest Movie 3

Johnny Lever, however, failed time and again due to unnecessary overacting, while the lead actress, Tamannah was just another throwaway female character who dances to a few songs and spouts the blandest of dialogues. And Mithun Chakraborty, who plays Tamannah’s father, appears to believe greater volume equals a job well done.

Entertainment Indian Latest Movie 2

Bear in mind, the movie was quite bearable – until the entry of the two villains.

With their truly awful performances, Karan and Arjun made the second half of the film painfully long, and painfully lame.

The final word
Like many other brainless Bollywood comedies, Entertainment has nothing to offer. There is no entertainment here people – move along.

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Entertainment 2014 Indian Latest Movie